10 Closet-Organizing Ideas I Learned From a Stylist

You know that feeling when you look into your closet and think there’s nothing to wear even though it’s probably overflowing with garments? You’re the spitting image of Cher in Clueless, pouting in front of a disastrous pile of clothing. Several months ago, I came to the realization that I was Cher.

Since I work in fashion, there are constantly new pieces entering my closet and never an equal number of outdated pieces going out. On top of that, I was trading in my rather spacious L.A. apartment and selling my mobile closet—I mean, car—for a much smaller apartment in New York City, where even having a standard closet is considered a luxury. I didn’t just need a routine closet clean-out for the sake of a clearer headspace and smoother getting-dressed routine (though I’ve definitely benefitted from those). I needed to totally gut my closet. So when the team at the emerging resale app Mercari reached out to me about cleaning out my closet and selling my unwanted wares on the platform, I didn’t think twice.

I worked with Anna De Souza, Mercari’s chief stylist and a professional organizer, to rid my closet of the excess, organize everything, and (hopefully) make money off of what I no longer needed. Two hours, four garbage bags full of old clothes, and a handful of Mercari listings later, my closet and I were back in business. After working with an expert like De Souza, I learned just how many mistakes were keeping me and my closet so disorganized, and I’m vowing not to repeat them.

Keep scrolling to read about my key takeaways, including what to ditch, how to keep my clothes organized, and how to successfully turn a profit selling on the app.