10 Great Anime That Are Filled with Positive Messages and Life Lessons

Some of the best anime series are the ones that audiences remember for a long time because of the lessons that they offer, from precious morsels of wisdom to an entirely new lease on life. Though the purpose of such anime is to simply entertain the viewers, they can often bear meaningful messages that strike a chord with those following them. Sometimes shows firmly rooted in the theme of coming-of-age, solid character development, and moving stories firmly place these shows as classics.



10 One Piece – Found Family is Still Family

The straw hat pirates from One Piece.
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One Piece offers a very large ensemble of characters, bearing the message that friends can sometimes be closer than family. One envies the bond that develops between the Straw Hats as they embark on their adventures. The lead protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, may be reckless, but he is absolutely devoted to his team. It is a message for all who don’t see themselves fitting into the environments they have been born into that they may find a crew like in this series.

9 My Hero Academia – Tenacity is Underrated

Students of U.A. High School from My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya (hero name: Deku), was born without any Quirks (read: superpowers), in a world full of people possessing Quirks. For this reason, he has been labeled a failure in society. He is a good lead not because he later gains Quirks making him powerful, but because despite not possessing Quirks, he was never helpless. He has the support of an amazing parent and when he is faced by a bully, he remains true to his love for heroism. He does not give up on his dreams and his mentor, All Might, adores him, and people can learn some lessons from him.

8 Bakuman – Realism Can Be More Wholesome Than Fiction

Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi from Bakuman
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While most anime centers around fantasy and suspense often exist in a menacing dream-like setting, filled with monsters, magical beings possessing superpowers, Bakuman narrates a story of everyday life, which proves to be exciting as people try to achieve their goals. It is a slice-of-life kind of show about two characters who aspire to become manga artists, the story proves to be interesting despite its realism. It may not offer an escape, but it offers a lot of pure emotion.

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7 Yu Yu Hakusho – Consistency Is Key

Yusuke and his friends from Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho narrates the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who passes away while attempting to save a child and is then reincarnated as a demon-hunter and martial artist. The series is a standing favorite among fans, due to the consistent script present in both the manga and anime. The story is concise given it is a coming-of-age script, concluded in a bit over 100 episodes. Though the narrative is not perfect, just like growing up, and thus consistency is the key lesson here.

6 Attack on Titan – Avoid Becoming the Monster That Scares You

Eren Jaeger's Titan form from Attack on Titan
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Attack on Titan has extremely dark themes, though that is what has spiraled it to its success. It deals with the lowest points of humanity, and the viewers are left questioning the morality of the central cast. The gap between humanity and lack thereof is rather vague, to the point of being nonexistent.

Hajime Isayama, the writer and illustrator, is well aware of history as all the characters are dealing with a culture where violence has been ingrained and has impacted generations of people. Eren Yeager, the protagonist, was a murderer before he had reached his adolescence. Thus, brutality is an important theme in this show.

5 Naruto – Some Friendships Take Work

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto
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Naruto, despite all of its flaws, strongly emphasizes how friendships require work, as seen in that between Naruto and Sasuke. Despite all the danger that Sasuke creates, and his contempt for the world, Naruto has great faith in Sasuke’s redemption. Though not all friendships are worth holding onto, and maybe Naruto should have given up on Sasuke early on, his character would not have held value if this happened. It is for this very reason that he remains a protagonist that viewers have been fond of for decades.

4 One-Punch Man – Achieving Your Dreams Is Underwhelming

Saitama from One-Punch Man
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It appears that being a hero is overrated, as we see in Saitama, who gains immense power only to become put off by life. One-Punch Man is not popular for its action scenes but for the most mundane parts of Saitama’s day. Goals don’t really leave an impact once they have been fulfilled.

Jobs end up being short of the expectations people have from them, the food never comes out as good as displayed on the menu, sequels can be disappointing and relationships often fall apart. Even if life is dreary and boring, dealing with it with a little bit of satire can truly go a long way.

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3 Haikyuu!! – True Friends Help You Grow Without Making You Losing Your Core Essence

The Volleyball Team from Haikyuu!!
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Instant makeovers changing the personalities of characters is not that easy to fathom. However, if there is understanding, growth can take place among individuals and fictional characters alike, without losing their real core. This is why Haikyu!! Happens to be quite a hit. Tobio Kageyama, is silly, arrogant and appears to be neurodivergent, but he continues to learn how to be considerate.

Therefore, his junior high team resorts to abandoning him, and when he starts to scream at his Karasuno High School teammates, he knows he will be ostracized again. However, a person’s weaknesses can lead to finding strengths within oneself, and that is why nobody around Kageyama wants him to change.

Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
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All characters of Fullmetal Alchemist have made irreversible mistakes. From losing body parts during reincarnation rituals, to participating in genocides, failing to control their own creation, killing murderers, and also murdering friends, all take place in a single plot. However, what sets the protagonists apart from the antagonists is how they deal with the aftermath of their mistakes. The heroes all get redemption arcs.

1 Hunter x Hunter – The Finest Things In Life Are Worth Waiting For

Killua from Hunter x Hunter
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Hunter x Hunter fans have been awaiting the end of this series for a while now, and the manga takes long breaks before the next section is issued. Despite the unsatisfactory breaks, the series remains a favorite among its fans, because it never loses out on fun. The characters are amiable, and all fans are hooked on a dream, a motivation they hold onto. Usually, the conclusion of a series brings fans back to reality, but since this show has not ended, there is something to look forward to.