3 Boot Styles French Women Always Wear

I must preface this by admitting that it’s probably a bit of an overstatement to say that the three boot styles I’m about to discuss are the only boots that French women ever wear. There is certainly some variety (especially among the fashion crowd), but none of that variety is worth talking about if you want a generalization of the boots that French women wear.

I look at photos of French women and the outfits they wear basically every day as a digital fashion editor, and I often find commonalities among the pieces they wear. From what I’ve observed, French women aren’t particularly experimental with their footwear (again, generalizing), and I tend to see the same shoe styles and trends quite a lot. Since it’s officially boot season, let’s get more specific with this and tank about those. There are three styles, in particular that you’ll see again and again if you too study the feet of French women. Scroll for the proof and to shop the three French girl-approved styles.