5 Outfits French Women in Paris Wear With Sneakers

The style set in Paris is routinely a go-to source for effortless style inspiration. What can I say, fashion people in Paris just often get it with that je ne sais quoi. I recently highlighted one of the key shoe trends Parisians wear (ahem, knee-high boots). But next up, I thought I’d focus on another footwear silhouette that is a staple for many. Yes, I’m talking about sneakers.

I wear sneakers basically every single day, so I’m consistently on the hunt for fresh outfit ideas to wear with my favorite pairs. To that, I scrolled through my saved photos on Instagram and noted the looks French people wear with sneakers (typically retro silhouettes this season) to use as inspiration for myself. I thought you’d be intrigued as well, so I curated a grouping for you below.

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