6 All-White Looks to Wear Before Summer’s Over

Summer is here, meaning a plethora of white outfits will soon be flooding your Instagram feed and TikTok For You page. Whether people are vacationing in Europe, attending beach bonfires, toasting on rooftops, or having dinner parties outside, all-white outfits are at the top of everyone’s mind. Summer is the season of fabulous all-white moments, and I don’t know about you, but I have been waiting for months anticipating the first time I get to wear an all-white look. While I love a good winter white, something about an all-white linen look in summer feels extra luxurious and magical. Ahead find six white looks that caught my attention on Instagram. I knew I had to re-create all six looks immediately, if not sooner.

Keep scrolling to see which all-white looks I’m obsessed with.