7 Simple Celebrity Outfits With Jeans

Between the resurgence of ’90s style the most recent recent runways are heralding to the general trend fatigue many of us are feeling right now, there’s no question that simple style is reigning supreme. A scan through the latest celebrity street style confirms this: the best-dressed stars are stepping out in refreshingly simple outfits—especially with jeans.

From Laura Harrier to Olivia Wilde and Gigi Hadid, celebrities have been eschewing more flamboyant and wild street style looks for much simpler ones, providing us with droves of styling inspiration that couldn’t be any easier to re-create for ourselves.

Even when these style stars opted for more simple denim ensembles, they still managed to look chic, proving that less can certainly be more as long as you have the right pieces. In fact, some of the best looks come down to a specific combination basics. To help break down why these denim ensembles work, we’ve rounded up the seven simple pieces that feature in recent celebrity outfits with jeans, from belts to blazers.