8 Best Over The Calf Socks For Men For Any Occasion in 2023

What do boot wearers, runners, and city workers have in common? They’re all in search of the best over the calf socks, of course. Sorry if you were expecting a witty joke there.

From improving blood flow to keeping your lower body warm and simply looking slick, the supersized accessories deserve a place in every guy’s top drawer. But where do you go to find the styles that’ll keep your feet (and legs) happy?

Keep reading for my round-up of the best socks in the game. You’ll find a plethora of options, each suitable for different styles, budgets, and occasions.

Key Takeaways

A well-rounded wardrobe includes a range of different types of socks. There will be some you wear with boots and others that are saved for your suits. But if you’re looking to streamline your collection, it’s well worth giving the best over the calf socks a try.

A versatile addition to any daily rotation, over the calf socks are available in many forms. I’ll be highlighting some of the best, including Myrqvist’s ribbed pair and Amazon Essentials’ wallet-friendly pack of three.

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Myrqvist Knee-High Socks

There’s something about long socks that I find comforting. As you pull them up over your calves, it’s as if you’re getting a little leg hug before you set off for the day’s adventures. Perhaps I need to get out more.

But if this is the kind of morning happiness you’re after, I recommend Myrqvist’s ribbed pair. They’re made from a blend of premium mercerized cotton, polyamide, and elastane, giving them a soft and stretchy feel that ensures ultimate comfort. They’ll stay in place from day until night and you can pair them with everything from formal slacks to dark jeans.

Material: 75% Cotton, 23% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes: 6-12 | Colors Available: 11

London Sock Co Knee High Socks

London Sock Co believes that the right pair of socks has the power to make a big difference. And they’ve been successfully living up to this mantra since they started pleasing feet in 2013. From crew socks to ultra colorful styles, they offer a vast selection of men’s socks, including this ribbed over the calf pair.

Knitted from Scottish Lisle cotton, they’re lightweight and tight enough to stay in place without feeling uncomfortable or restrictive. For a luxury pair, you’d probably hope for a little more cushioning. But it’s no deal breaker. And if you’re not entirely satisfied, the brand promises to replace them—no questions asked.

Material: 75% Cotton, 23% Polyamide, 2% Elastane | Sizes: 5-14.5 | Colors Available: 5

Amazon Essentials Compression Socks

The best over the calf socks needn’t break the bank. There are plenty of affordable options like this pack of three from Amazon Essentials. And don’t be fooled into thinking you’re losing any quality because of the price.

Made from a cotton-blend fabric with plenty of stretch, they boast zone cushioning and arch support to provide the protection and comfort required for men spending a lot of time on their feet. Better yet, they help wick away moisture—making them an excellent option for stuffy offices and weddings in the sun.

Material: 64% Cotton, 33% Nylon, 3% Elastane | Sizes: 5.5-11 | Colors Available: 2

Gold Toe Canterbury Dress Socks

Amazon has a great selection of the best over the calf socks, with Gold Toe’s easily being one of my favorites. Available as a pack of three, you’re getting excellent value for money and a helluva lot of comfort.

Hardwearing, stretchy, and perfectly snug, they’re designed to complement your smartest attire. But there’s no reason you can’t wear them with khakis, sweatpants, or jeans. What I like most is the AquaFX Moisture Control, that helps to keep your feet dry as you work up a sweat. You can choose between three classic colors: black, brown, and navy.

Material: 62% Cotton, 37% Nylon, 1% Spandex | Sizes: 6-16 | Colors Available: 3

Fitrell Circulation Support Socks

While you can technically pound the pavement in any old socks, the right pair comes with a number of benefits that’ll ensure optimum comfort and performance. They can improve blood flow (for an extra burst of energy) and help boost recovery. Certainly worth investing in.

My go-to for clocking up the miles comes courtesy of Fitrell. They arrive in a pack of three and each one is made from a high performance fabric that wicks away sweat and allows your feet and legs to breathe. There are seamless toes for reduced friction and added cushioning to prevent injury and relieve joint pain and muscle stiffness. A must-have for newbies and running veterans alike.

Material: 72.1% Polyamide, 18.4% Polyester, 9.5% Spandex | Sizes: 6-12 | Colors Available: 5

Wrangler Workwear Socks

If you’re wearing work boots, it’s important that you have a pair of suitable socks. Without them, you could be looking at some seriously sore feet and blisters to match. A total nightmare if you actually want to get any graft done.

Wrangler’s workwear socks come in a midweight design that can be worn all year round. They feature foot cushioning for comfort, plus arch support to help reduce foot fatigue. You’ll also find reinforcements at the heel and toe to avoid future darning. They come in multiple colors, but I find black is best at hiding dirt.

Material: 80% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 3% Spandex | Sizes: 9-13 | Colors Available: 3

Falke Energizing Knee-High Socks

Whether you’re on a long-haul flight or exploring a new continent, you can often find yourself with tired, achy legs. Let’s not forget about swollen feet. The solution? A pair of the best over the calf socks. Or more specifically, compression socks.

This pair from Falke are part of the label’s Travel & Comfort range and are an official Lufthansa licensed product. That’s the second-largest airline in Europe, in case you were wondering. Designed to ensure active stimulation and promote blood circulation, they’re a must-have for traveling and will also save you during long periods of sitting, standing, or walking. The only real drawback is the price (a little steep at $51). But seeing as you won’t be wearing them too often, you shouldn’t be needing new ones anytime soon.

Material: 45% Cotton, 37% Polyamide, 18% Elastane | Sizes: 5.5-14.5 | Colors Available: 3

Pantherella Camden Long Socks

You know you’re wearing a pair of the best over the calf socks when you forget they’re even there. Hugging in all the right places, without being too tight or too loose, they should stay in the perfect position while ensuring your feet are enjoying the utmost comfort at all times.

Passing with flying colors is Pantherella. The British brand has come up with some super soft socks made from fine merino wool. They offer luxurious warmth without feeling too stuffy. And if you do sweat, they’ll draw away moisture from the skin and keep your feet dry. Loved by customers all over the world, you can show them off with suits and slacks, or wear them around the house with sweatpants or pajamas.

Material: 70% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon | Sizes: 7-13 | Colors Available: 5

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What To Look For In The Best Over The Calf Socks


Pay attention to the material composition of over the calf socks. Look for options made from high-quality materials like cotton, wool, or a blend of synthetic fibers. The best over the calf socks should offer comfort, durability, and breathability. A good quality material ensures that the socks will last longer, maintain their shape, and provide a comfortable experience.


It’s crucial to choose over the calf socks that fit well. Check the sizing options provided by the brand and select the appropriate size for your feet and your calf circumference. The socks should provide a snug and comfortable fit without being too tight or overly loose. Proper fit ensures that the socks stay in place and don’t sag or bunch up during wear.


The level of cushioning and support in socks can vary greatly. Some styles offer extra padding in the heel, toe, or arch areas—allowing for enhanced comfort and impact absorption. Look for cushioned soles if you require additional support or plan to engage in activities that involve a lot of walking or standing. Arch support can also be beneficial for those with specific foot conditions or who need extra stability.

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Final Verdict

Finding the best over the calf socks involves considering various factors to meet your specific needs and preferences. The ideal pair should offer a combination of comfort, durability, and functionality. Look for socks made from high-quality materials, while considering the level of cushioning and support. As well as the fit and size.

Myrqvist’s ribbed pair are an excellent all-rounder that’ll stay in place throughout the day. They’re soft, stretchy, and versatile—making them the perfect choice for days in the city or weekends at home.


    • It’s always a good idea to have a variety of socks in your wardrobe. This gives you multiple options for different outfits, footwear, and occasions. Over the calf styles can be a great choice for formal events, but you can also find other variations that are worn with boots.

      • As the name suggests, over the calf socks are a type of sock that extends up to, or over, the calf muscle of the leg. They are longer in length compared to ankle socks or crew-length socks, reaching well above the ankle and typically ending just below the knee.

        • Over the calf socks are simply referred to as “over-the-calf socks” or “OTC socks.” However, they may also be known by other names depending on the region or brand. You may also find them being called knee-high socks, dress socks, or long socks.