8 Non-Basic Things Every French Girl on Insta Owns

French women are known for the classics. A good pair of jeans plus a cable-knit sweater plus timeless accessories make up one of the many outfits that I think of when imagining what one would wear to galavant around Paris. One thing the items listed above have in common is that we call them basics. Since French women are very well known for artfully styling wardrobe essentials, that tends to be what we associate them with. If you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice that they also champion a lot of non-boring items.

Taking a break from exploring French basics led me to notice themes like funky stripes, menswear staples, unique tailoring, and more. There are a lot of micro-trends to be found in Paris, but some of them pop up more often than others. Below, see the eight non-basic things that seemingly all of the French girls own.