9 Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day – Walking Relief in 2023

Unsupportive shoes are an invitation to back pain, blisters, and the dreaded plantar fasciitis. Luckily, the best men’s shoes for standing all day can cure all of that. Whether you’re on your feet for work or pleasure, there’s a shoe out there to get you through some tediously long hours pain-free.

When looking at shoes for walking and standing all day, support and comfortability are arguably the most important features. Insoles and midsoles should come equipped with plenty of cushion to support every aspect of your feet and back.

Keeping your feet dry is crucial, too. Waterproofing and breathability only enhance the experience of having to walk, stand, or run for long periods of time. Nobody likes a soggy foot, that’s for sure.

Walking on clouds might be a stretch, but the best men’s shoes for standing on your feet all day should make you forget you’re actually doing so.

Let’s take a look at the 9 most supportive and pain-free shoes below.

Key Takeaways

My top pick for the best men’s shoes for standing all day is Nike Invincible 3. It’s highly cushioned, supportive, and responsive for more energy return. If a fashion-forward sneaker is more your style, look no further than Loci Classic Sneaker. It boasts breathability, odor-resistance, and waterproofing features.

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Nike Invincible 3

Just as the name says, this shoe will make you feel invincible—or close to it, anyway. The bouncy, highly responsive sole will literally put a spring in your step. An enticing prospect if you’re walking, running, or standing for hours on end.

This really comes down to the intentionally placed cushioning shaped like a rocker for greater energy return. You can actually see it in the boat-like shape of the shoe.

The third time really is a charm. Compared to Invincible’s previous iterations, the Invincible 3 comes with a smaller heel clip and a wider midsole for even more stability and support.

It’s also lightweight, so forget about clunking around in a cumbersome shoe that weighs you down. Factor in the flyknit upper that has zones of breathability where your foot heats up most and you’ll see that it truly doesn’t get much better than this.

Material: Not available | Sizes: 6-15 | Colors Available: 5

Cariuma Naioca Sneaker

Everyone needs a fresh white sneaker in their repertoire. Naioca combines all-day comfort with style for seriously supportive shoes. No compromises here.

Cool, classic look aside, it has all the right features for long standing periods. A cushioned ankle-hugging heel collar provides tons of support, and a fully stitched outsole amps up the durability factor, but the real ticker is the bio-based cork insert.

Cork is recommended by doctors for those with foot and back pain because it’s flexible, compressible, and highly elastic. These shoes also happen to be 100% vegan and eco-conscious, right down to the recycled plastic lining and handmade vulcanized rubber.

From looks to comfort, this just may be the best men’s shoes for standing all day. And I love that they come in under the $100 mark.

Material: Canvas and rubber  | Sizes: 5-13 | Colors Available: 5

Morjas The Sneaker 02

Sometimes, you need a dressier sneaker to meet the moment, whether that’s a personal preference or a requirement for your job or a special event. Morjas has crafted just that in this sleek, crisp sneaker with plenty of support.

I love the low lines and contrast between the high-quality Italian suede and the white margom rubber sole. Beyond that, it’s the ample arch support and cushiony build that I adore.

It even comes with a removable inner sole, meaning they can easily be replaced as they wear down. Find your go-to pair from their offerings of gorgeous neutrals and you’ll never have to say goodbye.

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 5.5-12.5 | Colors Available: 13

Loci Classic Sneaker

Here is another trend-forward shoe with all of the right features for slogging it out on your feet all day long. Not only does it look fashionable, but it uses eco-conscious material that is specifically designed to withstand everyday use.

The insole is made of custom oak cork. Fun sustainability fact: oak cork regenerates itself after it’s been peeled. Nary a single tree has to be chopped. Plus, it’s one of the best materials for supporting your feet and back as you stand.

If you work in wet environments, you’ll appreciate the superior water-resistant upper and no-slip recycled rubber sole.

As for any funky foot sweat, consider it moot. A breathable bamboo mesh lining is odor-resistant and prevents moisture build-up.

Material: Recycled rubber, plastic, bamboo, cork  | Sizes: 7-13 | Colors Available: 28

Tropicfeel Canyon Space

Honestly, I’m kind of obsessed with this shoe. It’s like a hiking boot, water shoe, and running sneaker all wrapped up into one. But most importantly, it’s one of the very best men’s shoes for standing all day, for a number of reasons.

First, it’s got a cozy heel padding, solid toe reinforcement, and 3D dual cushioning. Your feet are going to love it. They’re also the perfect travel shoe thanks to a super lightweight body (this also helps them dry off quickly if you take them in the water).

But it’s not all about cushioning, even if you stand for long periods of time. They’re safe, too, thanks to slip-resistance with a high grip rubber outsole, which is great for moving around on the job site.

And thanks to AiratechTM mesh for breathability and anti-bacterial properties, your nose won’t mind taking them off at the end of the day.

Material: Polyester and EVA | Sizes: 6-12.5 | Colors Available: 6

adidas Men’s Ultraboost 21

Nothing replaces rest, but the Ultraboost 21 is sure going to try. Here is a shoe that gets great mileage when you’re on the go and supports the foot when you’re not. It’s lightweight and cushioned with a downright sexy sock-like fit.

Even though it’s technically a running shoe, it’s one of the best men’s shoes for standing all day thanks to a midfoot cage, a heel counter for added support, and a cushioned boost midsole.

It’s the same midsole that’s going to give you such great return when you are on the move. One reviewer logged over 2,000 km in these bad boys, replaced the insoles, and kept on going. Needless to say, they’re durable.

Material: Recycled plastic and rubber  | Sizes: 4-15 | Colors Available: 46

New Balance Men’s 840V5 Running Shoe

It might look like your average sneaker, but trust me when I say this is one of the best men’s shoes for standing all day, especially if you need some extra support. Your arches will love the mid foot posting and highly supportive insole.

Even if you aren’t flat-footed, I think anyone would dig the ABZORB midsole shock and compression-resistant material that retains its thickness even after hours of standing. The breathable mesh only adds to your overall comfort. If only all sneakers were built like this. Of course, New Balance knows how to get it right.

Material: Synthetic and rubber| Sizes: 7-15, narrow-x-wide available | Colors Available: 3

Skechers Men’s Wascana-Benen Tactical Boot

Maybe you need something a little more durable than a sneaker. In that case, Skechers makes a pretty affordable tactical boot with all the right features for hours of comfortable standing.

A memory foam insole provides superior cushioning and the durable leather mesh upper is waterproof. Additionally, it has a roomy fit at the toe and forefront, so there’s plenty of room if your feet swell as you stand (I know mine do).

I can also appreciate that it’s got electrical hazard protection. This is one of the best men’s shoes for standing all day if you work construction.

Material: Leather and synthetic | Sizes: 5.5-15, wide available | Colors Available: 1

Cole Hahn Zerogrand Wingtip Oxford

Even business men find themselves standing all day long. Hustle around in this tech savvy Oxford and your coworkers will be none the wiser, and perhaps even jealous.

It might look like any other brogue, but this Oxford from Cole Hahn comes with an EVA midsole and systematic layers of highly responsive cushioning. Even with all that support, it’s surprisingly lightweight and feels like a dream on the foot.

As for the outsole, it’s made of rubber with a natural storm welt that flexes and grooves for lots of flexibility. Pretty hefty for a fancy little work shoe.

Material: 100% Leather and rubber | Sizes: 6-16 | Colors Available: 4

man wearing a pair of addidas Adizero
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What To Look For In The Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day

Material Composition

The outsole and insole matter most when it comes to the best men’s shoes for walking and standing all day. Whether it’s real or synthetic, rubber is the best material for outsoles because it’s shock-absorbing and provides grip. As for insoles, memory foam and EVA-compression mold are comfortable and supportive. But the best is cork. It’s totally elastic, flexible, and compressible (and when done right, fully sustainable).

Shoe Type

Typically, the best men’s shoes for standing all day are sneakers or even a running shoe. However, if you need something more elevated, a teched-out dress shoe, like Cole Hahn, is suitable. There are also several work boots out there that provide loads of foot, ankle, and back support.

Other features

It’s not all about support when it comes to the best men’s shoes for standing on your feet all day. Features like breathability, odor-resistance, slip-resistance and waterproofing can make your day safer and more enjoyable, improving your overall experience.

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Final Verdict 

Ample, intentionally placed cushioning and high energy return are just a couple of the reasons why I think Nike Invincible 3 makes one of the best men’s shoes for standing all day. Breathability, ankle support, and a wider midsole make lots of standing and walking more manageable.


    • Typically, the best shoes for standing all day are sneakers because they’re specifically designed with cushioned support. However, any shoe that promotes its comfortability can be suitable.

      • It’s not healthy for your feet to stand all day, but a supportive shoe can help. Plus, you can try a feet up on the wall pose for a few minutes when you get home.