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A guide to beets: How to choose, store, prep and cook the root vegetable

Types. When we think of beets, the iconic red bulbous variety is usually what first comes to mind. But beets come in a wide range of colors and shapes. Some are round while others are more cylindrical, and they can sometimes be found in sizes ranging from a golf ball to a softball. Beyond red, golden and Chioggia beets are often easy to find. Golden beets are both less sweet and less earthy than the red variety, so they are a good choice for someone looking to overcome an initial aversion to the vegetable. Plus, they don’t stain as much as red beets. (More on that later.) Chioggia beets are stunningly striped when sliced open, and can be a more subdued color combination, such as yellow and orange, or very striking, like a red and white candy cane, which is sometimes what they’re called. However, keep in mind that the striping usually fades when cooked, so Chioggia beets are best in raw applications.

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