A Mansur Gavriel Upcycled Woven Mini Bucket Bag Review

While the title says “mini,” I think it’s the perfect everyday size. Since the bag isn’t structured and is more supple and relaxed, it has so much room. I have another sleek leather mini bucket bag with a cinched top, and I always have trouble playing Tetris to fit my belongings. For the record, I usually only carry four staples: my cardholder, makeup pouch, AirPods, and hand sanitizer. Yet, with the Upcycled Mini Woven Bag, I still have plenty of space for additional knickknacks. (If you carry a lot of things with you and don’t have time to organize them into compartments, this is the one for you. It’s like Hermione’s beaded handbag where she could throw in anything and poke about for what she needs.)