A powerful indoor antenna for pulling in digital TV broadcasts up to 70 miles away.

30-second review

Antop’s AT-500SBS’s 30-inch width pays off in strong signal-pulling, while its free iOS/Android app helps find the best setup location in real time. Mounted horizontally in a window (vertical mounting proved not quite as effective in our test location) it pulled nearly as many stations as the old-fashioned attic-mounted VHF/UHF antenna in the attic above it. 

The Antop’s included signal-amplifier has two outputs, so you can feed a TV and an FM radio (or two TVs) – a nice plus. The antenna’s size makes it tough to hide (unless you have conveniently located drapes or valences), but its attractive form and availability in white, black, or titanium finishes are plusses. If you need maximum pulling power from an indoor antenna, the 500SBS is about as good as it gets.


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