A Senior Fashion Editor Breaks Down her Morning Routine

It has taken me nearly 16 years to master my morning routine. 16! I don’t even remember who I was when I first started this journey, but here we are, and I can say with my entire being that I’m officially a morning person. I’m also nosy and want to know about every other person’s early-morning habits. Luckily, Who What Wear’s senior fashion editor and very chic mother of two, Judith Jones, is appeasing me. “Prepping as much as I can the night before helps make mornings go a little more smoothly, even if it’s just prepping my outfit for work and packing my tote bag,” Jones tells me. “These might seem like small things, but they save time and take some of the extra stress out of busy mornings.” Here, Jones is taking us through what a typical morning looks like for her, from the Olly supplements that kick-start her day to the skincare she finds so therapeutic.