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Famously durable and dating back to the 19th Century, jeans were first used as functional workwear before becoming a popular choice of lifestyle wear through the 1900s. Renowned for their versatility and ability to last, they can now be found in every corner of streetwear and fashion around the globe, with no end of colours, styles and fits on offer. Whether its a classic blue denim, looser fit, patterned piece or something else entirely – there’s going to be a pair of jeans for you.

It’s year round-staple that is especially essential when wanting something a little sturdier for your lowers; there are few items of clothing out there with the same universal appeal as a pair of jeans. You simply can’t go without a good pair in these cooler seasons, so we’re going to delve into some of our current top picks and make it easier to select your new go-to. Your bottom half will thank us.

Carhartt WIP Simple Pant

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Whilst the Carhartt WIP Simple Pant is available in a whole plethora of materials, the denim-made options are simply timeless in their looks. As the name suggests, this one is a no-frills option that will effortlessly fit into any staple streetwear rotation. Available in a darker and lighter denim, the Simple Pant is ideal for any season, any occasion. You can also check out our Carhartt WIP Trousers Fit Guide, to make sure they’re the ideal size, too.

Levi’s 501 Patterned Jeans

Levi's 501 Patterned Jeans

We couldn’t compile our favourite jeans without mentioning perhaps the most famed denim brand out there; Levi’s. The label’s 501 Patterned Jeans are a fine example of the variations possible with denim, featuring an all-over pattern and cotton-Cordura blend, that makes them not only head-turning, but extra hard-wearing too.

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ICECREAM Running Dog Jeans

ICECREAM Running Dog Jeans

Another current favourite is the Running Dog Jeans by ICECREAM. It’s available in a whole host of shades and colours, and is embellished with the premium streetwear brand’s unmistakable motif at the top for a statement-making touch. Like your average jean, just much better.

Carhartt WIP Rider Pant

Carhartt WIP Rider Pant

Easy to style and made up to the premium standard you know to expect from the workwear label, the Carhartt WIP Rider Pant can be paired with just about anything. Made with premium denim and featuring a decorative check at the turnover, this is a pant that’s breathable, cotton-made, and workwear approved – it’s easy to see why we’re fans.

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