Amal Clooney Unveils “English Toffee” Highlights For Autumn

Unparalleled levels of glamour are part and parcel of attending the Venice Film Festival–and, naturally, Amal Clooney just turned up looking sensational. Amal touched down in the Italian city with her husband, George, on Tuesday, the eve of the annual festival.

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Aside from her slinky emerald dress, it was Clooney’s beauty look that really turned heads. It’s no secret that she has enviably thick, glossy hair, but a trip to Venice called for a color refresh courtesy of hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos. The resulting “English toffee” highlights lent a certain luminosity to her dark lengths and were the perfect way to add sun-kissed dimension to natural waves.

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“Since it’s the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, I was inspired by the change of season in Venice and wanted to create a shade that was somewhere between blonde and brown – English toffee is perfect for early autumn,” Giannetos tells Vogue. “The secret is to place highlights around the face. I also used L’Oréal’s Smoky Bronde gloss to add shine and depth to the color.”

You might have fond memories of the famous Werther’s Original toffee sweets from your youth—this palette of toffee shades is perfect for illuminating Clooney’s hair, while still having a natural finish. Giannetos paired the new shade with voluminous, tousled curls and a killer make-up look.