Amal Clooney’s Vintage Guru Shares Her Secrets

The Galliano slip purchased once upon a time by a fashion fan with exquisite taste. 

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

When searching for nostalgic propositions that might pique Clooney’s interest —“I don’t sell vintage pieces, I sell a vision of fashion”—Marie keeps three things in her mind. The provenance of the product, her instinct and the image of Amal herself. The rest is like a magic alchemy that only skilled curators seem to be able to harness. 

Take that Galliano, for example. The slinky pearlescent number came via a private collector Blanchet met some years ago, when she invited Marie to cost up her original McQueen archive. So excited was Blanchet at the prospect that she travelled to South London from Paris right away to meet her. “When she started revealing her collection, I literally felt like an archeologist who just discovered Pompeii not knowing Pompeii existed – the pieces were so extraordinary,” remembers Marie. 

Since then, the mystery fashion fan has conjured up the rarest Lee McQueen toiles, mid-’90s Dolce runway looks and Galliano designs, such as Amal’s, for Mon Vintage. “I never ask her how she keeps finding them, but she really is the gift that keeps on giving,” asserts Blanchet. Clooney, who recognised vintage as a sustainable signifier as well as an interesting fashion narrative some years ago, is surely inclined to agree. The excavation of these fashion artefacts is thrilling for everyone involved. For everyone watching, remember Blanchet’s advice: instinct is everything.