An Inside Look at Actress Maddie Ziegler’s Beauty Routine

What would you say the rest of your everyday makeup routine looks like?

It’s weird, I always joke about how I wore so much more makeup when I was younger than I do now. Now, I just prefer a more natural [look]. I think we’re all very lucky that what’s in right now is very natural skin and natural makeup. It works in our favor that it’s on trend. I like to do the tinted sunscreen so that I have sort of an even base. The Kosas concealer is literally my favorite—I’m obsessed. I also love the Tower 28 cream blushes and the Chanel cream bronzer.

I’m obsessed with using [the brow pen] right now from my collection because it’s like a multi-use product. I’ll use it for my brows just to fill in the sparse areas. You know when you’re doing your makeup and concealer covers natural beauty marks? I like to go over the beauty marks and redefine them so they’re not lost. Then I sometimes like to add a few freckles. I always think that looks really cute—I’ll do it very minimally. Recently I’ve also been into just curling my lashes and not putting mascara on. I don’t know why, but like it! Lastly, I’m absolutely obsessed with lip liner, I can’t go without it. I have one in every purse everywhere I travel. It’s just so good.

Let’s talk about your new collection with Morphe, Changement! What inspired the collection and how did it all come together?

It started with me talking about how I’ve evolved so much since we did my first collection with Morphe. I was like, “Yeah, I’m growing up so much. My style is changing, and I’m evolving.” For some reason, it just made me think of changement, which is literally a dance term which translates to change. I thought it was a clever play on my dance background, but also exactly what we’ve created for this collection, which is evolving. Like the weather, it’s always changing [and] it’s always up and down. It’s always evolving and it changes seasons, so I brought that into it as well because I wanted to kind of play off that. I thought that it would be a really fun concept for the photoshoot and all of the images behind the products because I thought we could do something fun and water-like. The names [of the products] and the palette are all based on like growing, changing, and evolving. There are also some plays on weather terms as well like “tornado,” “hurricane”—stuff like that.

Do you have any favorite looks that you like to create using the collection?

I’m so obsessed with these colors just because it’s not initially what we we were going for. Initially, we were going to do all pastels and we weren’t getting the formulas right—I wasn’t feeling it. Then, I found this deep blue shade which I now call Downpour. It’s my favorite shade in the palette and I was like, “This is everything—I need this!” So then we decided to just play off that and started doing deeper tones, which I think works really well now we’re transitioning into fall. I just love the direction we went in. What I love most about it is that there’s a shade called Reflex which is literally the first shade in the palette and on its own, it’s really beautiful, but you can also layer it which we’ve shown in all of the campaign photos. If you layer it over the shade Downpour it changes the reflex of it and it creates this new beautiful shade that’s very two-toned. I love it so much and I was very proud of that.

That’s a really cool concept for the palette. It almost reminded me of Pat McGrath eye shadows when I saw the shades. Her eye shadows are stunning! What about everyday eye looks? Do you have any favorites you like creating with the palette?

She was definitely the inspo! Now (like I was telling you), I love natural looks—those are my go to. With this palette, I wanted to do both [natural and glamorous shades] because I’m never in the middle. I’m either doing a crazy blue [look] with a graphic eye or I’m just keeping it natural. There are a few really beautiful transition shades that look so nice on every skin tone—they’re just gorgeous shades. I’ll usually take the transition shades and I’ll just run those through my crease. There’s also a really beautiful beige shade, which I love. That’s kind of my go-to right now just because it adds dimension and it adds life to the face, but it’s not overpowering. There are some shades in the palette—like that really, really beautiful red color—I’ll sometimes put on my cheeks and it looks really nice. I prefer to do that.

I love using eye shadow as blush! It’s so nice when the shades work so perfectly for both.

I agree! You can make it a cohesive look and can bring it into your eyeshadow, too. It looks really nice.

If you had to choose one item from the collection to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would choose the palette because you can do everything with it. Like I was saying, you can contour, you can do blush—you could honestly also use it on your lips, and your eyebrows, too. So I would definitely say that.