And Just Like That Costume Designer Interview

PS: Were there any characters you were specifically excited to dress this season, in comparison to season one?

MR: All the girls from season one are really incredible to pull clothes for — Nicole Ari Parker, Sarita Choudhury, and Karen Pittman. But somebody that I get really excited to look around for is Lisette, played by Katerina Tannenbaum. That is someone who I consider to be a younger Carrie, so it’s really fun to play with her. We saw her in season one, but she was having a rough time. Now, in season two, she’s got her career popping a little bit. She’s edgy and fun. We can go underground shopping for her because she’s got her finger to the pulse.

Danny and I went to Paris last summer for six days before we started prepping. We wandered into a vintage shop that had a lot of rocker T-shirts and leather. It was kind of dark, and there wasn’t really anything in there, until I looked up. On the ceiling, they had hung this little vintage dress. It appears in the season finale for Katerina, and it is spectacular. It was made for her body. It has everything I love: a big sleeve, a big cuff, a big collar, it’s got glitter, and it’s a mini. I was so glad there was a scene where we could place it. It didn’t even have a label in it.