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Anna Sorokin — formerly known as Anna Delvey — sported an all-black outfit on the streets of New York on Tuesday afternoon.

While leaving her new walk-up apartment in Manhattan’s East Village following release from prison, the former socialite wore a dark trench coat with pointed lapels. Beneath this were flowing black silk trousers, creating a monochrome appearance. Delvey completed her ensemble with paparazzi-deterring oversized sunglasses and a scarf knotted around her head, as well as a tonal pink manicure.

Anna Delvey, sandals, stiletto sandals, black sandals, heeled sandals, New York City

Anna Delvey leaves her apartment in New York City on Oct. 11, 2022.

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The inspiration behind Netflix’s popular crime drama “Inventing Anna” was spotted posing outside of her apartment window and on the roof, as well — marking her first release from prison after posting $10,000 bail from selling artwork online, according to the New York Post.

When it came to footwear, Delvey wore a set of black heeled sandals. The style featured thin suede ankle and toe straps, as well as stiletto heels totaling 3-4 inches in height. Delvey’s black ankle monitor also matched her outfit — though presumably, coincidentally — when peeking beneath her trousers’ hems. The styling move was similar to Lindsay Lohan’s 2007 attire while under house arrest with an ankle monitor — which, rumor has it, inspired Chanel’s Spring 2008 line of miniature quilted ankle handbags.

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Anna Delvey, sandals, stiletto sandals, black sandals, heeled sandals, New York City

A closer look at Delvey’s sandals.

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Sorokin’s style, primarily seen in the early 2010s, featured an array of neutral pieces from luxury brands including Rick Owens and Acne Studios. At the time, the artist was also seen wearing neutral-hued flats, lace-up sandals, sparkly pumps and gold strappy platform sandals. Her viral courtroom attire also included black flats.

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