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Arrest warrant for mum accused of killing her own children in crash | UK | News

Her 10-year-old son Smaller and four-year-old daughter Lilly died after their car collided with an HGV near Milton Keynes on 9 August. The family’s white Vauxhall Astra is said to have collided with an HGV between junctions 14 and 15 of the northbound carriageway at about 23.10 pm.

Mary McCann, 35, as well as another child were also injured in the crash.

Ms McCann of Bamford Avenue, Derby, was due to appear in court to face the accusation of causing the children’s death by dangerous driving.

However, Ms McCann did not appear for the court hearing at Aylesbury Crown Court.

Her failure to appear in court prompted Judge Francis Sheridan to issue an arrest warrant for her.

Judge Sheridan told the court that he wanted ports and airports to be on alert for any attempts by Ms McCann to flee the country.

Judge Sheridan said: “It is most likely she will flee to Ireland.

“This is a sad case, but by absconding to avoid the indictment being put is in my view tactical.”

According to a family member, the family were travelling home from a party in London.

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“Her bail address was her sister’s and she is not there.

“It was the funeral of her children this week.

“Her one-year-old child is with the grandmother and is safe.”

Defence barrister Laban Leake said: “The funerals were on Monday and Tuesday.

“She gave a telephone number, an attempt was made to contact that number, but there was no response.”

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