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Australia Covid live news: NSW to give update; Victoria records 867 cases, four deaths; new Brisbane restrictions after four local Qld cases | Australia news

I do have a reasonable level of concern. I am also comforted by the fact that Queenslanders have done such a good job each time we have had an outbreak. I think everyone is very comfortable with masks and we know that they protect and I am also comfortable with the amount of testing that is happening.

And I know now that we have had this announcement that the amount of testing will significantly increase. So as long as we all do that, we were masks, we maintain social distancing and we get tested, then of course we have the added benefit, every single day we are seeing the numbers of people who are vaccinated going up.

So all of those things mean that we can try and manage an outbreak like this, these two new ones, in a different way. But we will be keeping a very, very close eye on what happens over the next 24- 48-hour is to see if we need additional restrictions. As always, we are putting in place systems to protect the most vulnerable, that is those people in aged care, disability care, in our hospitals, and in our prisons, so we already have that in place.

Plus, we have ramped up the use of PPE in our hospitals and facilities in both that Brisbane LGA and the Moreton Bay LGA. We will just have to see what happens over the next 48-hour’s. Of course I always consider a lockdown and then I work through what we need to do.

At this stage, I do not think a lot is warranted. That could change, but I am really, really very competent by the fact that people do know how to respond and respond very quickly. We have seen that for the last few outbreaks.

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