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Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 2,179 cases; NSW regional travel delayed as state records 399 cases; ACT’s ‘freedom day’ | Australia news

So essentially this report called “The public hospital cycle of crisis” uses, in fact, the government’s data.

So it lays really, in really hard numbers, what I see every day as a GP when I care for my patients, but also what the patient sees. Which is essentially being ramped up in front of the emergency department, it taking too long to be seen in the emergency department, taking too long to be taken up to the ward, because there’s no bed, and also having to wait for surgery, for elective surgery.

Basically, it says that the whole system is choked up and that was even without Covid and walking into now. Now, what it really shows is that there’s a really frightening picture of where the predictions are going now and what is going to happen from here.

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