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Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 2,297 cases, 11 deaths; NSW 406 cases, six deaths; and ACT 46 cases, one death | Australia news

They want to see us move to renewable electricity, renewable hydrogen, they want solutions for coal, they want us to provide them with green hydrogen so they have the choice … but also why I think we don’t matter that much, as governments, entrepreneurs, is because the big financiers are also saying, ‘Hey, we’re pulling out.’

We’re getting out because Australia’s not gonna be a great investment, because they’re not doing something about getting real with their own carbon emissions.

For the responsibility of every kid in Australia who’s gonna inherit a global warming world, if we do nothing, then I think we need to take into account carbon emissions in everything we do. If you think, ‘oh, no, we shouldn’t do that. You know, oh, that’s terrible. That’s uneconomic’, mate, pick up the phone or walk into your kids’ room and say, ‘What do you think, darling?’ And they’ll say, ‘This is what I think! Fix it, Mum. Fix it, Dad. Take it into account.’

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