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Australia Covid live update: NSW hospitals brace for cases surge, Scott Morrison faces questions over Father’s Day travel exemption | Australia news

If you don’t mind *laughing* I know that the media is used to trying to boss me around but today is my day! I get to decide what I say!

First of all, can I just congratulate Matthew Guy on his election as Liberal party leader.

Now is the time for all Liberals to get behind the Liberal leadership. I think that every Liberal leader deserves support and Matthew deserves it no less than anyone else. So it’s important for Liberals to now be united, to get behind the new leadership team of Matthew Guy and David Southwick, because we have got a job to do and a state to save.

At a personal level, first of all, can I thank the people of Victoria. In my nearly three years as Opposition Leader, I’ve had an opportunity to be in your living rooms, in your radios, in your newspapers. When I’ve spoken, you haven’t always necessarily liked what I’ve said. Maybe you’ve agreed and maybe you haven’t. But it’s been such a privilege to be able to have that conversation with Victorians because I love this state.

I love this state. I love the people in it. And to be able to do that for nearly three years, to walk into any shop in any town and have a chat and talk about the issues that matter to Victorians. It’s been so important and it’s been such a privilege. So thank you so much to the people of Victoria.

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