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‘Battlefield 2024’ review: The bugs are only the beginning of its problems

Progression in “Battlefield 2042” feels far too much like the latter system. Accruing XP for weapons feels unusually difficult, especially when XP isn’t given out for suppression as it was in past games. You need to register kills, but that is quite difficult given the game’s hit registration and weapon bloom issues. This makes it very tedious to unlock weapon mods, which only become available by reaching a certain number of kills. In the first 20 or so hours of play, I had unlocked exactly three attachments for the M5A3, the game’s default assault rifle. Because my shots with it didn’t seem to be hitting, I spent a lot of time in vehicles and swapped weapons often to try more accurate options like the DM7 and, once I unlocked it, the PP-29. Once I came back to the M5A3 and finally cleared 30 kills, I received a relative deluge of three more attachments along with a new skin. It finally felt like progress. How close am I to more unlocks? At first I didn’t even know; there’s no way to check your progress with weapons I could find in the game’s main post-round screens. Eventually, I found the information by going into the collections menu, then the weapons menu, then the menu for the specific weapon, then the menu for attachment type, and then I could highlight the next attachment and see my progress: I needed another 30 kills.

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