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BBC Question Time: Audience member claims Tories are ‘worried’ Farage will become PM | UK | News

Boris Johnson, 57, has had a tough few weeks as Prime Minister following accusations of Tory sleaze and the ongoing Channel crossing crisis.

However, a former GB News presenter has suggested we need to cut the Prime Minister some slack.

Guto Harri, 55, who spent some time working for Mr Johnson in City Hall, said: “Just to come back to what it is about Boris Johnson, is that most politicians, anyone can pick up a speech written by a civil servant, go and deliver it with the bland platitudes that everybody trots out to an audience that leave underwhelmed and bored and not remotely reassured.”

He added: “It takes something special to make a wide audience take an interest in something that is either boring or very technical, but nevertheless important.”

Mr Harri pointed out how the Prime Minister forced David Cameron’s hand over plans to cut housing benefit while Mayor of London.

“I think like everybody else we need to cut him a little bit of slack at times, I fear for him sometimes that he hasn’t got the grip he should on the Government.

“We need to see the energy, we need to see the sense of purpose, we need to see him get a grip on the machine, but I think we’ve got to give him a little bit of slack that he is at least trying.

“And not the idiot or the lazy or the sort of malicious person that a lot of his critics portray him as being.”

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