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Beget web hosting review | TechRadar

Having been in the web hosting industry since 2007, Beget has grown to be one of the leading providers in Russia. Although it appears unassuming at first, Beget offers a finer variety of hosting-related products than one would expect looking at their official site.

Beget’s head office is situated in Russia’s imperial capital and its second-largest city, Saint Petersburg. In addition to this, they have offices in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Berlin (Germany). If you want to learn anything more about the company, you’re out of luck since its “About” section is as poor as they get. The only relevant information you’ll take from there is that in the past Beget has been cooperating with some big names in the business, such as Intel, Supermicro, Cisco, Juniper, WD, and Seagate.

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