Bella Hadid’s New Off-Duty Staple Are $135 Ugly-Chic Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Another day, another model-approved ugly shoe. Over this past fashion month, Bella Hadid has been relying on her Hoka Hoparas, which retail for a sweet $135. The style is a piece of Franken-footwear: a cross between a sandal–thanks to its plentiful cut-outs!–and a sneaker. I like to think of it as a “holey shoe,” or even a “shoe skeleton.” Either way, it is chic in, you know, that ugly way. The upper, with a rubberized toe cap, has little ridges that are reminiscent of the texture on a Louis Vuitton Epi bag. It opens at the back to reveal the heel; No naughty toe-cleavage here.

So far, Bella has worn the shoes a handful of times in Paris. She sported them as she was leaving the Balenciaga show. Hair tied into a top knot, she paired them with a military green leather jacket, an oversized button-up, and shiny dark blue trousers that showed off the Hoparas. On another Parisian night, she stepped out wearing a long brown leather coat and black pants with none other than the Hoparas. Maybe they’re a welcome break from the heels she’s been wearing on the runways.