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With 92 million followers on TikTok, Bella Poarch is an ideal ambassador for any brand. But for Crocs, teaming with influencers has to be, first and foremost, authentic.

In the case of Poarch, the relationship was organic as it comes.

“I bought my first pair when I was in the Navy. I never was allowed to go to the mall or do anything outside of the house growing up, so when I was in the Navy and had time off, that was one of the places I was surprised we were allowed to go. I spotted Crocs for the first time and bought them right away. I’ll never forget it. [They were] the black Classic Printed Camo Clog,” she said.

The singer’s go-to Crocs these days are the purple platforms, she said, and her closet is filled with almost at 100 pairs of Crocs now.

new balance

“Trying to add a Salehe Bembury one to my collection. Those are crazy,” she added. “And my go-to Jibbitz is definitely the llama one. I wish they had an alpaca one, and I hope to make my own one day, too, but I’ll keep that a secret for now.”

Another fan and brand ambassador is beauty influencer Bretman Rock, who said he has an arsenal of Crocs in his closet.

Bretman Rock, Crocs

Bretman Rock in Crocs sandals

CREDIT: Courtesy of Crocs

“My favorite style of Crocs would be the white ones. They match everything. They match every Jibbitz. They match every outfit. And speaking of my first memory of Crocs, my first pair were white. My favorite styles are the Classic Clogs, but recently I’ve been wearing more of the platform Crocs more than ever because I’m a short little girl and I love a little height. The platform Crocs make me feel like a bad bitch,” he said. “I think everyone can agree that Crocs takes us back into our childhood, where we didn’t really care what was on our feet, running around and being free.”

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