Best food for dinner for weight loss

Late night snacks

It’s quite natural that we humans face an issue of an empty stomach especially at night. At that time, its quite perplexing to choose that option that will not result in adding extra pounds to the weight. This is due to the reason that eating late at night makes weight control harder task, so a package of under 200 calories is good for a person at that time. Following is a nutrient snack of under 200 calories to be followed;

  • Tart cherries

You can add tart cherries or their juice as your snacks in your diet, studies have also suggested that it would also result in helping to sleep better. This is due to the fact that tart has a sleep promoting melatonin hormone which acts as booster and also fills an appetite at that time.

  • Almond butter and banana

This is as tasty as its name seems, but it should be kept in mind to use only the small quantity that would not result in gaining weight. Like you can take a piece of banana and dip it in unsweetened almond butter and enjoy it, which would be lesser than 200 calories. They also contain serotonin which acts as converting to melatonin that would boost sleep response.

  • Kiwis

They are absolute figure friendly and you can add 2 peeled kiwis in your diet which are under our package, and it has wide advantages on human metabolism and sleeping habits.

  • Protein smoothie

A protein rich snack is effective for humans that are good for muscle repair, and sleep. They are also a tasty snack, which can be offered in following way; you take 8 ounces of low-fat milk, and pineapple 2/3 cup, which will be your treat under 200 calories.

  • Cheese and cracker

Snacks which offer a balanced way of protein and carbs are best and they are also a constituent of controlling blood sugar level. This can be served by 4 wheat crackers and a stick of reduced fat cheddar cheese is completely under our package of 200 calories.

Best food for dinner for weight loss.

Different types of food go through different types of the metabolic pathway after entering into our body. It may sound strange, but some food helps in losing body weight. It is because of the reason that they make your hunger satisfied with less calorie count and when you eat such calorie deficit food, it will help you to lose weight.  Some of this food would make your metabolism stronger. A few such foods are described below that could be taken in dinner for losing weight.

  • Salmon fish

Salomon is full of good fats, amazingly healthy, and very much satisfying. It keeps you full for many hours and could be considered as best dinner for weight loss. The nutrient that salmon provides is significant for proper thyroid functioning and helps to keep your metabolism running.

  • Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts are rich in fiber and satisfy hunger entirely for many hours. A mixture of fibers, proteins, and such low energy density vegetables make a perfect meal for weight loss.

  • Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes have certain qualities that make them best for weight loss and excellent health. They are diverse in nutrients and have a small portion of everything that is required. Due to this reason to have them for dinner is an excellent option for losing weight. Their quality of satisfying hunger for more extended periods is what makes them unique in losing weight.

  • Tuna

Another very protein-rich and compelling food for weight loss is Tuna. It is lean fish having lesser fat. It provides you with good protein without giving fats and increasing the calorie count. To use tuna canned in water (and not in oil) will provide you with the required protein and thus helps in losing weight.

  • Soups

Food having low energy density forces people to eat fewer calories. Such foods have a lot of water, for example, fruits and vegetables. Eating the same food turning it into soup instead of eating solid food, will make your hunger satisfied and let you burn fewer calories. So, having soups in dinner could be a practical part of a weight loss diet but make sure that these soups are not creamy or oily.

Best meat to eat for weight loss

Meat is being mis-concepted at the end of weight loss because some people think that when they are on diet, they can’t eat meat. Instead, it is a figure-friendly food intake for consumers when they are planning their diet for weight loss. A thing that should be kept under consideration is that if you are facing other issues along with it like of heart or diabetes then you should rethink about it. Following are the items in meat that can be effective for weight loss

  • Grass-fed beef

Cattle meat is healthy for a person in giving a protein full diet for a strong body. It should be taken in a way of grass-fed meat because it has lesser calories in this way. This meat is a result of a full meal and weight loss for people on diet.

  • Chicken

This can also be considered on weight loss journey because nutritionist suggests breast pieces to be taken and make it a part of diet in different ways. While cooking it should be considered that the meal is cooked without fat like oil added to it. They can be cooked in steam and served with vegetables, or soup, which complete a meal for weight loss.

  • Fish

That fish that is white fleshed can be taken for weight loss. They are an excellent source of protein intake, and add to healthy food in diet, directly an energy source.

  • Tuna

It is a low calory high protein food that is suggested by nutritionists to be taken by people. You can take it when you are on diet.

Foods to avoid during weight loss

There are many things in our diet which are to be considered for weight control, we are sometimes taking unintentionally or at the wrong time. These foods having a drastic effect on your weight, and disturbing balance are as follows;

  • Potato chips

People love the intake of fries or potato chips which are absolutely resulting in weight gain. They should be avoided as much as possible. There is a difference in taking potatoes, and taking it in a form of potato chips or fries because they are higher in calories in this way. There are plenty of studies being done in observing the result of these snacks in our diet, and they are causing weight gain. They should be avoided if you are working on weight loss.

  • Drinks

Most of the drinks are sugary which should be avoided because they are causing weight gain, they are not a cause of filling an appetite either, and resulting in weight gain again. So, if you are serious about your weight loss you should avoid sugary drinks equally.

  • White bread

There is a need of consideration in our diet plan like if we are taking white bread, we should substitute it with brown bread, by noting the calorie intake in both. This white bread is higher in glycemic index which results in boosting sugar level. This is directly proportional to weight gain. It should be avoided on a serious note, if you are losing weight.

  • Candy bars

These bars are not a part of our diet, they become our concern because we take it as a short snack which does not even fill our appetite. This should be avoided because that results in the intake of 200-300 calories in a way of a single bar. They are available in such a way that consumers are attracted to it unintentionally. This should be avoided if you are losing weight.

  • Cookies and cakes

These things should be avoided seriously if you are losing weight, because all these snacks of pastries, cakes, and cookies are a result of gaining weight and they are a peak in calories addition to diet. This is required to be taken in concern.


These snacks which are offering a good fill in appetite and a low calories food are effective, as they are all in a way boosting sleep and not resulting in gaining weight. Meat options are also being given which you can consider when you are on diet. The things suggested for avoiding during weight loss should also be taken in concern, because either way that would result in losing a balance, and adding extra pounds to your weight. This journey is not easier, it should be kept under consideration when you are losing weight. These options given to you are a perk of opportunity to be followed in your journey, the steps that are enhancing the weight loss, and the things that should be avoided. If you consider it for a while and adopt it, it becomes a habit, and you are immune to it and enjoy your dieting session.