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Bismuth Subgallate Can Make the Smell of Your Farts Disappear

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Did you know there’s a medicine that can make the smell of your poops and farts disappear? According to Dr. Raj Karan, M.D., a surgeon with the National Health Service in England (and popular TikToker), the chemical substance is bismuth subgallate, commonly sold under the name Devrom.

“It’s known as an internal deodorant,” says Dr. Karan in a recent video. “It has been used to treat powerful-smelling farts and poos from people who have had bowel surgery to shorten or remove part of their intestines.”

Some examples of these bowel surgeries are bariatric surgery for weight loss, stoma surgery to insert a stoma bag into the abdomen to collect waste, and surgeries to treat fecal incontinence and irritable bowel syndrome.

The medicine is available over-the-counter and FDA approved to prevent foul smells down there by stopping the bacteria in your colon from acting on the leftover food in your gastrointestinal tract—you know, the stuff creates the nasty odors associated with your farts and poops.

There are even studies that claim that bismuth subgallate can help defend against a number of stomach bugs like E. coli, salmonella, shigella, and cholera. A common side effect of the medication is a temporary darkening of your poop caused by contact with the sulfur in saliva in your or GI tract.

The medicine is perfectly safe to take daily, as long as you don’t exceed the recommended dosage, which is usually no more than eight tabletsaccording to its directions.

“There are literally people out there whose shit don’t stink,” says Dr. Karan.

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