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Blythe Marks Is the Internet’s Most Colorful Vintage Dealer

“A ’40s dress with scratch-and-sniff sticker vibes. This piece is an early ’40s wool-shelly weave dress. It fit me perfectly, but I just ended up not getting it because I don’t need any more ’40s shirtwaist dresses. This was $120, so half off that was $60. To get a 1940s dress with the belt, that’s professionally dry cleaned and not damaged, is crazy.”

“A late ’60s Geoffrey Beene camel hair princess coat. A single-word descriptor from Erich Kessel, one of my most stylish friends: ‘Espionage’. I end up getting a lot of outerwear, especially in the summer, from Antique Sugar because nobody in Arizona is looking for outerwear in the summer. This is ’60s Geoffrey Beene and it was $90. I put it back because it was just so itchy for me. I think for literally anyone else who doesn’t have my delicate Ashkenazi skin, it would be perfect! To get a ’60s Geoffrey Beene coat for $90 and then half off for $45 bucks is unheard of.”

“’80s rabbit fur BITCH coat. Demna Gvasalia found wigless and shaking. The red jacket is a label from Canada in the ’80s. There is this other Canadian furrier named Zuki that made these like sheared beaver and rabbit fur coats in the eighties that are incredibly expensive and have intarsia. I thought this was one of them, but it was another Canadian brand, so I was close.”

“A ’70s JCPenney shopping trip on acid. It’s a cropped, ’70s, pumpkin-orange jacket and all it did was hook at the neck. I saw it and paired it with this skirt and I was like, this is so ridiculous and Instagram. Like anyone would claw their eyes out to get this look.”

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