Brad Pitt and Sat Hari’s Cashmere Line Came to Them in a Dream

Despite its infancy, the line has already amassed a steady cult following (and with shirts at over $2,000 a piece, it’s an impressive feat). They saw sales grow especially during the pandemic. “People were home, and they wanted something that was warm, cozy, and effortless,” Sat Hari says. “You can wear it as pajamas, or with a pair of jeans or a skirt.” It’s even been recently worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Garner and Mary-Kate Olsen, whose own line, The Row, also masters discreet luxury. “That was cool,” Pitt says. “The Olsens are so talented.”

Looking to the future, the pair have plans to expand their product offering, but they’re in no big rush. “Maybe some blankets, hats, and socks made of recycled cashmere,” Sat Hari says. “It was intentional to start really slow, because neither of us have done garments before.” For now, they’re comfortable continuing to keep their business plan low-key—just like their quietly elegant clothes. “We both have day jobs, so there’s no grand design of dominance or takeover,” Pitt says. “As long as we’re having fun with it, we’ll just keep going. We’re not hype masters in any way—in fact, we’re probably kind of crappy at it.” 

Photo: Courtesy of God’s True Cashmere