Bridal Fabric – How to Choose Your Bridal Fabric

Your wedding day is one where you will want everything to be perfect, right down to the invitations. When it comes to your wedding invitation, you can choose from a variety of fabrics. Whether you choose a luxurious fabric such as silk or you have a budget for wedding invitation boxes made of metal or plastic, you will want your wedding invitation to remain the finest it can be.

However, when you take the time to consider the fabrics that will be used to make your bridal fabrics, you may be overwhelmed. This is especially true if you have been asked to be a bridesmaid so you are already used to wearing fabrics that are of high quality.

In order to make sure that every element of your wedding is top notch, you should choose the bridal fabric that is right for your occasion. Let’s take a look at the different fabrics that are available for bridesmaid dresses and will help you choose just what is right for your day.


Although, the fabric of your wedding invitation is important, the luxuriousness that comes with silk makes this the fabric of choice for bridal dresses. The fine fiber gives off a luxurious but earthy feel that is difficult to find in other materials.

While, your guests are wearing silk during your wedding, they are going to remember your theme through photographs as they receive and read your wedding invitations. As a guest, don’t be embarrassed to accept a invitation which shows your theme in graphic print. You should take pride in knowing your wedding invitation came from a person who gave you a visual treat.


Although, you don’t have to choose between silk and cotton, if you are attending a spring or summer wedding, cotton will give you a taller, cooler appearance while silk has a summer feel. The slight difference in heat will give you an edge when it comes to your fashion sense. Cotton is rather sheer, which takes some of the credit away from how elegant of a dress you are wearing. If you are off to a spring wedding, you can still choose a very fancy dress from your favorite fabric brand and be assured that you will have a very glamorous look without feeling over the top. They key is to feel the dress and see if you feel the quality is up to your standard.


Organza is another fabric choice that is classic yet elegant. It can give that stretch you need without taking the focus off your outfit. Organza is a fabric that is heavier than silk yet it is still breathable. It may take some time before you have to choose an appropriate fabric, but when you do you are ensuring that your wedding photographs will be the ones you remember most. With a range of colors to choose from, your guests will be able to identify the color of the organza fabric you have decided upon. As many wedding photographers have a knack for knowing if certain shades are your preferred ones, a fabric choice is an important detail that should not be overlooked.


If your style is a little bit more understated, consider satin to give you that sparkling look. Satin gives an elegant, subtle shimmer to your outfit without looking to much. If you are attending a summer wedding, consider a dress that has vertical lines in order to give the illusion of height. For a up to date look, consider a style that features a tiered skirted dress with Petite tea length flower girl dresses in this fabric. The taffeta is perfectly suited for these weddings as it falls perfectly before your feet and your face and it is still an amazing fabric. The key is to experiment, especially if you are not that comfortable with a full girls dresses with an inch or two of fabric at the bottom.


Organza has a similar feel to chiffon, which is why its fabric name was changed. While cotton is heavier than silk, the Organza fabric gives a similar increase in softness. It is slightly more sheer than chiffon fabric and less heavy than silk, which makes it perfect for a summer wedding. Are you more intrigued to learn that this fabric is actually quite versatile? Since it is slightly stretchy, you are able to enjoy an excellent degree of comfort. Additionally, the fabric does not absorb moisture quickly and even when it does absorb it, it can loose neither quickly nor easily. The key again is to locate a wedding dress with a comfortable silhouette. A tea length, slightly strapless gown with Amidst, Benza, finanz and defectible sateen, is what one would ideally like to buy.


Shantung is actually an informal term that is based on the fabric’s these can be found in China, India and Tibet. It is a relatively heavy fabric and usually, soft and thick.