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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 30 – September 5, 2021

Has it been lonely at the top, middle or wherever you find yourself seated? Savvy, supportive people sweep in for the save starting Monday, August 30, as social Mercury shimmies into Libra and your nurturing fourth house—and lingers there until November 5! Your inner circle takes priority, which is always music to a Cancer’s ears. If you’ve been working through family dinners or sacrificing weekends for a volunteer gig, some shifts may be in order. Need to get back in touch with your loved ones? You’ll have ample opportunities from September 27 to October 18, as the messenger planet spins into a retrograde.

With mobile Mercury camped out in this zone, home might be a “moving target” until November 5. Some Crabs could relocate temporarily for work, or go back and forth between two bases. During this two-plus month cycle, feathering and Feng Shui-ing your nest will be a rewarding creative outlet. Just wait until the retrograde ends on October 18 to invest in a luxe-label sofa or start renovating the kitchen. You might decide to pull up stakes and move to a neighborhood with a livelier cultural scene. Although you’ll yearn for privacy during this Mercury cycle, that doesn’t rule out your desire for a decent cappuccino, independent bookstore and live music venue when those four walls start to close in on you.

Careful about making any promises on Thursday. Despite your best intentions, you could get in over your head! Impulsive Mars in Virgo is firing up your communication zone, making you much more ready to “play” than usual. But a jab from Neptune in Pisces obscures the full scope of the mission—and also brings out your caretaking nature, which has been known to exhaust you on more than one occasion. Before you circulate any data, take extra time to research. Back it up with several sources—ones that are fully credible. This is one day of the year where a smooth talker could drown out your raw instincts. If you can stall on decisions for a couple days, do. If nothing else, your background checks will confirm whether you’re on the right path.

There will be more cryptic signals to sort through on Sunday when optimistic Venus in your sensitive fourth house gets lured down nefarious Pluto’s path. People’s motives will be impossible to read during this one-day, emotionally obscuring mashup. Steer clear of triggering people and, if you can help it, avoid getting pulled into controversial discussions. No matter how hard you try to keep your cool, every minor slight will feel deeply personal. And good luck getting other people to show their hands! The more you push, the more they’ll retreat. If you want to enjoy your weekend, spend time with people who buoy your spirits. Sure, it’s great if they’re willing to be sounding boards, but steer clear of the “misery loves company” types who might help you analyze the situation but will also bring you down.

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