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Carolyn Hax: I have a ‘weird inferiority complex’ around the other parents

I’ve been though the preschool circuit more than once in several states. The friendships you make will be transient most likely. People move, children grow up, circumstances change, etc. I have found that I am happiest if I keep my expectations for friendship with the other parents to a minimum and socialize with them only with the intent of supporting my child’s friendships at that time. I also prioritize keeping up with the friends that I had before I became a parent. Nearly 20 years later, my closest friends are some, no all, of those people. I cannot count a preschool parent among them. I wish the other parents well, but simply having children in the same year is not reason enough to become lifelong friends. If it happens for you, count yourself fortunate. You can’t force lengthy friendship any more than you can force lasting love.

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