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Chris Hayes Goes Off At Trump ‘Coup Lackey’ Who ‘Went Full Insurrectionist’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Thursday gave a searing condemnation of findings detailed in a new Senate Judiciary Committee report about how former President Donald Trump and a top lawyer in the Justice Department attempted to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The report from the Democratic-led committee named Jeffrey Clark, a Trump-appointed Department of Justice lawyer who endorsed election conspiracy theories, as a key player in the former president’s effort to use the department to get the election result he wanted.

“He went full insurrectionist,” Hayes said of Clark, “and essentially plotted with Trump to use the DOJ to foment Trump’s coup. Even if that required getting rid of his own boss, Jeffrey Rosen,” who was the acting attorney general at the time.

Hayes noted that the plan to push out Rosen and replace him with “coup lackey” Clark was already known, but the report provided new context, including details of a Jan. 3 meeting between Trump, Rosen, his deputy Richard Donoghue, two White House counsels and Clark.

“According to Rosen, Trump opened the meeting by saying ― and I’m going to read this quote to you and I want it to sink in ― by saying, ‘One thing we know is you, Rosen, aren’t going to do anything to overturn the election,’” Hayes said.

Donoghue reportedly said in that meeting that all the assistant attorneys general would resign if Trump replaced Rosen with Clark, as did the White House lawyers.

“So everyone is sitting in the room. You have Trump and his coup lackey Clark who are like, ‘Let’s do the coup’ and all the other lawyers are like, ‘We will all resign if you do the coup,’” Hayes summarized.

This was just one of nine exchanges with Justice Department officials, Hayes noted.

“This wasn’t like a one off. This wasn’t casual stuff. Nine calls and meetings Trump held with the acting Attorney General Rosen and his deputy Donoghue,” he said. “Pressuring, pressuring, pressuring them to overturn the election results.”

Watch the full segment below.

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