Collina Strada’s Virón Shoes Are Fun, Fabulous, and Eco-Friendly

The differences between the two labels–Collina Strada’s lightness and Virón’s darkness–seamlessly mesh. “We both love our planet and all living beings on it, so we were super excited to come together and bring something new to the world,” write Romer and Rombaut. “Our ethos, but also our aesthetics align. We don’t take it all too seriously and we had fun in the process! Hillary’s style is more colorful, wild, and quirky, ours a bit darker, but we found a great mix of those influences.”

Photo credit courtesy of Virón, by Stephanie Geddes. 

The loafers in floral print jacquard feature a double-tiered ruffle tracing the shoe, while a pair of boots–the Virón 1992–comes in crushed fuchsia velvet and has a dainty ruffle at the top, offering the perfect mix of toughness and sweetness. “It came from a reference to some shoes Hillary loved as a kid with an exaggerated toe,” say Rombaut and Romer.

For the outsoles, Virón tapped into Collina Strada’s archives and used deadstock fabrics, including sofa upholstery. The outsoles are made of 70 percent recycled rubber and 30 percent standard rubber. (Information about the materials is printed directly on the shoe itself.)