Come Dine With Me viewers all have the same complaint about contestant’s three dishes

COME Dine With Me viewers all had the same complaint about the contestant’s three dishes last night.

Tuesday’s instalment of the Channel 4 show saw a return to Basingstoke, where business owner Adam decided to treat his guests to a Mexican-themed night.

Come Dine With Me viewers all said the same thing last night


Come Dine With Me viewers all said the same thing last night
Adam used shop bought salsa


Adam used shop bought salsa

Adam created an impressive three-course meal for the rest of the contestants to try.

But before he made his magic in the kitchen, he told the camera: “I’ve definitely got what it takes to throw a fantastic dinner party…

“When it comes tot he cooking, that’s the area I’m concerned about.”

For starters he made chicken taquitos with a store bought guacamole and salsa.

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Come Dine With Me fans distracted by contestant's inappropriate cooking attire

Many viewers took to Twitter to share their shock at the fact he didn’t make it all – and pointed out the same thing.

One said: “I don’t actually think this guy has ever cooked in his life before.”

“He’s never cooked before,” a second said.

A third added: “#comedinewithme Always make things you know how to cook and cook well.”

For his main he made a turkey mole pablano, which was followed by churros for their pudding.

Adam managed to score 23 out of 40 for his night.

This evening Mark will give his best shot at beating Adam’s score.

Last week other viewers were left seriously distracted by a contestant’s inappropriate cooking attire.

Thursdays show saw vegan solicitor Hassan cook a plant-based Asian-inspired meal for his fellow diners.

But fans were seriously distracted by his outfit.

One wrote on Twitter: “1. I would hate that starter. 2. Why is he cooking with his shirt cuffs hanging halfway down his hands #comedinewithme.”

Another added: “Cooking with cuffs that almost cover your whole hand. What a good idea #comedinewithme.”

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Meanwhile a third joked: “#comedinewithme He made that off the cuff.”