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Two-minute review

If you’re pondering the question of what makes for the best all-round gaming monitor, the new Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 might just be the answer. On paper, at least.

With a 32-inch 1440p panel running at up to 165Hz refresh, it arguably nails exactly the right balance between performance and graphical detail. Sure, there are gaming monitors with more pixels than the Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165. Others hum along at even higher refresh rates or offer more overall inches. But you quickly run into one obvious issue with ever-higher spec screens. How, precisely, are you going to drive the thing, what with graphics cards prices currently as crisis point?

Those headline specs aside, what do you need to know about the Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165? Corsair rates it at 1ms for MPRT pixel response and ‘below’ 3ms for the more demanding grey-to-grey metric. So, it’s quick but not among the very fastest IPS gaming panels in terms of pure response.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 on a desk with a glass top bordered by two bookshelf speakers

(Image credit: Future)

However, it is one of the most accurate gaming panels you can currently buy. Thanks in part to quantum dot technology in the Xeneon’s LED backlight, it’s good for fully 100% of the Adobe RGB gamut and 98% of the even more demanding DCI-P3 color space. 

There’s also VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification, plus AMD FreeSync Premium support and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. Just note this isn’t a true HDR display and lacks features like local dimming.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165 on a desk with a glass top bordered by two bookshelf speakers

(Image credit: Future)

Interface-wise, you get a pair of HDMI 2.0 ports, a single DisplayPort 1.4 socket, plus USB Type-C connectivity complete with device charging for single-cable connectivity to a laptop.

For the record, the HDMI ports only support a maximum refresh of 144Hz. That said, Corsair is pitching the 32QHD165 as a console-friendly panel courtesy of support for 4K input, which is then downscaled to 1440p. Hopefully the PS5 will soon match the Xbox Series X in natively supporting 1440p, as that would be a much better solution.

Corsair Xeneon 32QHD165's die-cast aluminium stand

(Image credit: Future)

Anyway, this is also a very nicely engineered screen, with a widely adjustable die-cast aluminium stand and one of the cleanest, clearest and most user-friendly OSD menus we’ve ever seen. 

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