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Councillor says ‘everyone should be cremated and thrown in sea’ in heated cemetery debate | UK | News

Andrew Hinchliff made the astonishing comments at a Conwy County Council planning committee meeting where councillors were assessing a bid to extend Llanrhos cemetery in Llandudno by 1,600 burial plots.

As reported by North Wales Live, the proposal prompted a number of objections from local residents because it would be on a “green wedge” land formerly owned by Mostyn Estates.

During the debate, Cllr Hinchliff said: “I’m not a big fan of cemeteries. I think everyone should be cremated and thrown in the sea for all I care. If we are going to have it as part of a parkland and we happen to own it, we want to do the very least to disturb it.”

Cllr Hinchliff wondered whether a lawned cemetery might be a better idea as opposed to having headstones standing upright.

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If the new site were to be permitted, there would be gravel paths and drainage as part of the proposal, and it would be accessible on foot from the existing cemetery.

A report in March this year sadly revealed that four of the county’s 11 cemeteries were already up to capacity and couldn’t take any more burials – and that increased deaths from Covid played a part in this.

Additional reporting by Jez Hemming.

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