Deadpool Director Denies Being Involved in Leaking Test Footage That Got the Movie Made

Deadpool may not have been made if not for some leaked CGI footage, but director Tim Miller continues to deny being the one who did it.

Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU is without doubt one of the most eagerly awaited projects coming from Marvel Studios in the next couple of years. That is in no small part down the news that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine alongside Ryan Reynolds title character in Deadpool 3, but none of this would have probably been possible if not for some leaked test footage of the original movie that many believe pushed Fox to greenlit the Merc with a Mouth’s debut, which became a smash hit in 2016. In a new interview, Deadpool director Tim Miller has denied that he was the one that made that fateful decision to leak the footage that essentially gave Deadpool a chance.


While appearing on the Corridor Crew’s YouTube Channel, Miller continued to claim that he had nothing to do with the leak, leaving the mystery of who did put it out into the world intact for a while longer. He explained:

“We did this test, did a budget, put a plan together and Fox said “We don’t believe in the movie.” And then the test leaked. But it was a beautiful thing that happened for all the right reasons. But wasn’t me. It was one of those things that I think should remain secret because a mystery is more interesting than the truth. … Well a whole series of events kind of happened at one time. Emma Watts realized that R-rated comic book movies was a place that Fox could separate themselves from the rest of the movies that were being made out there. It was a business opportunity. They could own that segment of the market. Then also Simon Kinberg came on, who was the gatekeeper of the Marvel stuff at Fox. Do I believe that I would have directed it if this hadn’t leaked? Maybe not. Maybe they would have said, “You know what? I think this is a real movie, let’s get Robert Rodriguez to come in and direct it,” who had been attached to it before. Hollywood is not a fan of giving first-time directors a shot with no experience. It just so happens that I got lucky.”

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Deadpool’s Mystery Savior Was One Of Four People According To Ryan Reynolds.

The leaking of movie footage have been something that has happening in Hollywood for years, sometimes on purpose or other times just because these things happen from time to time. When it comes to the leaking of Deadpool’s CGI test footage, there has never been an exact answer as to who was responsible for setting the video free. However, Ryan Reynolds has previously teased that someone was certainly behind it, and there are only really four possible suspects, including himself. He once told an interviewer:

“One of us did it. We all sort of said at the beginning, ‘Someone should leak it. Someone should leak it.'”

While Reynolds himself is still seen as the prime suspect in the case of the leak, it seems that we are still no clearer to getting a definite answer on who the culprit was, but there is no doubt that whoever was behind it has been patting themselves on the back for a good few years now. Deadpool will be making his MCU debut in Deadpool 3 in 2024.