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With the NBA Finals almost here, Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone is cooking up some footwear inspired by game-day orders with the help of DoorDash.

Fans will have the opportunity to participate in a sweepstakes and win their own pair of personalized sneakers from a collaboration between The Shoe Surgeon and DoorDash, called Ritual Restock. By ordering from the “Championship Deals” selections on DoorDash and using the code “NBARITUALS” at checkout, users of the app will be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to own something from the collection.

There will be three winners who will get to design their own shoes, which The Shoe Surgeon will produce.

The partnership will include home cooking of Ciambrone’s own. As part of this collection, he designed a sneaker that was inspired by his family’s deli, Canevari’s Deli. (These shoes are not general release, however they can be made to order.)

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“Every detail in the shoe is extremely personal. It’s my deep rooted memories of Canevari’s Deli,” Ciambrone said in a statement. “The checkered pattern comes directly from the old-school tablecloths. The colors are a nod to my family’s Italian heritage. The rope lacing mirrors our hand-woven pasta, made fresh daily at the deli. The smell of freshly cooked ravioli on Friday game nights, it’s only right we included our specialty as the hangtag. Meshing my family’s love of food, our love for the craft and love for the game are all nostalgic pieces of the memories that inspired this design.”

Dominic Ciambrone The Shoe Surgeon

Dominic “The Shoe Surgeon” Ciambrone (R) with his dad, Lou Chambrone Jr.

CREDIT: Courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon

The Shoe Surgeon is no stranger to creating food-themed footwear that is also tied to sports, specifically basketball. Most notably, the designer created multiple looks with Pizza Hut for March Madness, dubbed “Pie Tops.” The first pair was revealed in March 2017, and only 64 pairs were produced — the same number of college basketball teams that participate in the annual hoops tournament.

A second pair was revealed a year later. For the second version, which was limited to 50 pairs, not only allowed the wearer to order food, but it also afforded wearers the ability to pause live TV though pushing a button inside the tongue of the non-pizza-ordering shoe.

Shoe Surgeon Canevari's Deli

Sneakers created by The Shoe Surgeon, which are inspired by his family’s deli, Canevari’s Deli.

CREDIT: Courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon

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