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Elegoo Saturn review | TechRadar

Two-minute review

The Elegoo Saturn is a mid-sized MSLA printer that closely resembles a scaled-up version of one of the Elegoo Mars series of printers from the same company. If you’ve even slightly dipped your toes into the world of 3D printing, chances are you’ll have heard about Elegoo from numerous YouTube reviews and online resin printing tutorials, with the Elegoo Mars making a frequent appearance thanks to its affordability and reputation for reliable, high-quality prints.

This obviously means that the fresh-faced Elegoo Saturn has some pretty big shoes to fill. Thankfully, it can print some big shoes of its own. Its larger size stands out as a benefit to consumers looking for something with a larger-sized print bed to accommodate bigger prints, reducing printing time for models that would have previously needed to be cut into sections using software and then printed in batches for later reassembly.

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