Every Shoe, Bag, and Dress Trend I’m Passing on This Summer

Though the season has technically already ended, I can’t be the only one behind on their spring cleaning. April and May flew by before I had time to even think about overhauling my wardrobe. But now that summer is here, I finally have a chance to go through my closet piece by piece and decide what feels outdated and what is still relevant from the past year and then some (because if I’m honest, I’ve been slacking on this task for more than 365 days).

After hours of deliberation, I managed to go through all of my shoes, bags, and dresses and decide on the styles that, at the moment, no longer warrant one of the limited spots in my sad excuse for a closet. Tops, skirts, and pants—you’re next. Keep scrolling to see the first round of outdated items I’m waving goodbye to this year.