FASHION FINDER: Get Meghan Markle’s Chanel style for a FRACTION of the price at Amazon with these £50 lookalike slingback shoes

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Meghan Markle was recently pictured wearing some slingback Chanel flats while out and about in Montecito, and naturally we’ve been thinking about them ever since. 

Designs on the website are price upon request (which is never a good sign as far as our bank balance is concerned), but you’re looking at four figures for some of the most luxury designs.

Read on to find our five top Amazon picks that don’t require you to fork out a fortune…

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Forget Barbie’s fashion dilemma of high heels or Birkenstocks. There is a middle ground! Style them with blue jeans and a fresh white T-shirt. 


Get the same look at a fraction of the cost with the £48.79 MICIFA slingback flats at Amazon

Get the same look at a fraction of the cost with the £48.79 MICIFA slingback flats at Amazon 

Like so many pieces that Coco Chanel designed, the two tone shoe really has stood the test of time since it first emerged from the fashion house back in 1957.

There have been so many heel heights, straps, textures and shades over the years, but the classic beige and black colourway is proving particularly popular this season. 

The real deal: Chanel's classic toe cap shoes feature the iconic double C logo on the heels

They might set you back up to four figures, depending on the fabric and style

The real deal: Chanel’s classic toe cap shoes feature the iconic double C logo on the heels and might set you back four figures, depending on the fabric and style 

Chanel’s instantly recognisable shoes have been spotted on perfectly pedicured celebrities such as Princess Beatrice, Sofia Richie and Margot Robbie, and it’s easier than you think to treat your own feet.

We’ve tracked down ballet pumps, Mary Janes and even chunky dad sandals. You’ll be spoilt for choice!  

 Fashion Finder’s top picks

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Fashion editors talk about going from day to night a lot, but these block heel beauties really would see you through from a big day in boardroom to cocktails in the evening. Slip on your slingbacks with leather trousers and a boucle blazer to give you a bit of height.


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A Chanel-esque twist on the classic ballet flat from Aldo. Perfect for popping in a tote bag if you’re heading to a wedding. Much more stylish than dancing around in flip flops at midnight! 


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Quilted? Contrast toe cap? Must-have Mary Jane? Tick, tick, tick. Chanel style with a zero knocked off the end of the price. 


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A step away from the two tone style, but Chanel’s chunky dad sandals are still a big deal. Dune’s version will do nicely and you can wear them long into September.