Florence Pugh Wore a Risky Pant Style to the Airport

I use the term brave quite loosely here, but in the context of airport outfits, Florence Pugh’s is just that. In my opinion, airport outfits live and die by what pants you wear. Choose a pair that’s uncomfortable or annoying in the least, and you may quickly have regrets while waiting in line at security. Pugh, who was photographed landing at LAX this week, wore pants that I’d wear in life but certainly not to the airport.

So what made these pants an airport “no” for me? Nothing more than the fact that they’re white. While her trousers look quite comfortable to me, the fact that they’re so light in color pretty much guarantees that I’d get them dirty in an airport and on the plane. If you’re confident that you can avoid this fate, I’m impressed, and I encourage you to wear a pair of light-colored pants, because Pugh does look incredibly chic. I, on the other hand, will be sticking to dark colors that’ll hide the inevitable coffee spills and scuff marks.

Read on to see Pugh’s brave (but also very stylish) airport outfit, and shop pants I’d wear to the airport instead.