For Nail Artist Mei Kawajiri, Baby Bump Style Is Totally Kawaii

Vogue: How far along are you and do you know what you’re having? If you’re comfortable sharing, of course!

Mei Kawajiri: I am about 6 months! This is my first child and we’re keeping the gender a secret for now.

How has your pregnancy been thus far?

It’s been a very introspective and curious time, especially when I think about how my body has changed and my moods have shifted. I can’t believe that I am creating a new human being, and I never thought I would feel such a miracle like this. It’s all gone well, but I did have some trouble not feeling well when traveling during my second trimester.

Has anything surprised you during your pregnancy journey thus far? Anything you didn’t expect?

I’m surprised that now that I’m in my third trimester I am acting like a total angel—lol! I’m truly never angry and just always feeling happy. I am also surprised that I am craving mostly healthy foods like oranges and salads.

You wrote a very sweet Mother’s Day post about everything that you’re learning from moms and your own mom—what’s some of the best advice you’ve received thus far and has your pregnancy brought you closer to your own mom?

I think about myself and my baby always. I try to be healthy and happy for the baby, realizing that what I eat, the baby eats, what I say, the baby is listening, and if I sleep well, the baby sleeps well. I feel very strongly connected to them. I now know what my mom feels like–and felt like–with me. She started worrying about me and feeling connected when she was pregnant and I completely understand that now.

How would you describe your personal style pre-pregnancy and how has it evolved during the pregnancy?

During the beginning of my pregnancy, I was still wearing all of my usual clothing. It felt a little tight but I was still wearing miniskirts. Now I can’t really because the zipper won’t go all the way up, so I switched to stretch material for skirts and dresses. I still love mini silhouettes and of course, kawaii style, so I stick to what I love, however I can. I will never be the simple-pregnancy-dress kind of girl.