French Actor Pom Klementieff Debuts a Punkish Pixie at the London Premiere of “Mission: Impossible 7”

The best way to welcome the summer season? With a chop that exudes easy cool while helping to temper even the balmiest of temperatures. To prepare for last night’s London premiere of Mission: Impossible 7, French actor Pom Klementieff opted to part ways with her peroxide bob in favor of a pixie two months in the making. 

The cut was carried off with the help of hairstylist Marcia Lee, who wanted to create a style that made a statement while maintaining wearable versatility. “We knew we wanted the change to be very extreme, so I factored Pom’s infectious, strong, vibrant, and delicious personality into the look,” says Lee, who left Klementieff with enough length for prettiness and play.