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From Care Bears to hoodies: this week’s fashion trends | Fashion

Going up

80s kids’ bedrooms My Little Pony is coming to Netflix, size-inclusive brand Snag has collaborated with Care Bears. Jem next?

Hubert Vos His painting Iokepa, Hawaiian Fisher Boy is set to be everywhere in 2022 – it’s on the cover of Hanya Yanagihara’s much-anticipated follow-up to A Little Life, To Paradise.

Pantone 448C The “ugliest colour in the world”, this compost green is enjoying a resurgence, as a nail colour made by J Hannah.

Ivory soap The secret to George Clooney’s skincare routine.

Baby tees Cropped and fitted Ts, as seen on the Friends cast, are back.

Going down

A pyjama shirt, neatly folded
Not good enough for Rihanna… Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Pyjamas Rihanna – fashion’s newest billionaire – wears hoodies to bed. Combined with caviar, of course.

The smiley face emoji A keyboard minefield – meaning different things to different generations. Use sparingly.

Nap dresses Are we done now?

Olivia Rodrigo merch Apparently “sour” earrings are arriving spelling out “suor”. Definitely not the teenage dream.

E-tailers Frank Ocean’s new jewellery venture, Homer, is available only in store, IRL. Is this the return of the shopping trip?

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